OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air Ozonators O Series: Description
OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air <i>Ozonators</i> O Series
O Series Ozone Generator
The OREC™ O Series Ozonator with integrated pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air dryer technology provides dependable ozone production for small applications (1 g/hr — 4 g/hr). The O Series combines a dual action ozone reactor cell with a high frequency variable controlled power supply.
A sturdy fiberglass reinforced, wall mountable enclosure, with easy—to—use front facing control panel, houses the versatile O Series Ozone Oxygen / Dry Air (feed gas) Generator package.
Economical, durable, lightweight and compact, the O Series Ozone Oxygen / Dry Air Generator is an exceptional value. Engineered to connect to a local compressed air source, the package includes a 5 micron filter / regulator with auto drain and coalescing filter.
The O Series Ozone Oxygen / Dry Air Generator provides a source for ozone in situations and applications that were previously unrealistic due to cost, weight or size.
The ozonator reactor cell components are made from titanium and ceramic which are impervious to ozone, extending the life of the generator. These ozone generators are notably stable and the ozone gas is extremely pure since there is no deterioration of internal materials.
OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air Ozonators O Series: Technology
The OREC™ O Series Ozonators feature corona discharge ozone generators that produce comparatively high concentrations of ozone for the duration of a long, virtually service—free life. OREC™ Ultra Narrow Gap Corona Discharge
The titanium—ceramic, ultra—narrow—gap, corona discharge reactor cell is energized by a solid state power supply, providing proportional control of ozone output. The ultra—narrow—gap corona discharge reactor cell equates to energy efficient and responsive ozone generation.
OREC™ has combined ultra—narrow—gap technology with engineered, high frequency, pulse modulated power supplies and instantaneous amplitude modulated variable control to maximize ozone output efficiency and provide precise ozone concentrations.
The O Series Ozonators are constructed of ozone resistant components such as titanium electrodes, ceramic dielectrics, 316 stainless steel fittings, and Teflon® tubing to ensure reliability and maintenance—free performance. The Ozonators are air—cooled, employing large aluminum heat sinks and high volume fans for maximum heat transfer and optimal cooling, an important factor in improving ozone output.
Each OREC™ Ozonator is tested in a full range of operational conditions for ozone output and performance. OREC™ is unique, on a global basis, in having received Direct Traceability from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA) certified for ozone calibration!
OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air Ozonators O Series: Features
Reinforced fiberglass enclosure;
Stainless steel hardware;
Integrated PSA air dryer technology;
Air cooled ceramic and titanium dual action reactor cell;
Over temperature safety switch;
5 micron filter / regulator with auto drain;
Coalescing filter.
OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air Ozonators O Series: Controls
Variable output control: 0 — 100%;
Inlet air pressure gauge: 0 — 100 PSI;
Feed gas flow control: 0 — 10 SCFH;
LED ozone indicator.
OREC™ Ozone / Dry Air Ozonators O Series: Specifications
Model Number
Voltage (AC):
Model Number
Voltage (AC):
O10001 • 115 VAC
O10002 • 230 VAC
Ozone Production (O2 Feed Gas): 6 g/hr (0.3 lbs/day)
Ozone Production (Dry Air Feed Gas): 1.5 g/hr (0.075 lbs/day)
Ozone Concentration: 4% by weight
Compressed Air Requirement: 0.1 — 0.5 SCFM @ 80 — 125 PSI
Dry Air Output Dew Point: — 100 Fº
Maximum Reactor Pressure: 6 PSIG (0.4 Bar)
Feed Gas Flow Range: 7 — 10 SCFH (3.3 — 4.7 lpm)
Variable Control: 0 — 100%
Air Cooling: 90 SCFM (2549 lpm)
Compressed Air Inlet Connector: 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) female pipe thread NPT
Ozone Outlet Connector: 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) female pipe thread NPT
Power Requirement Model R-O10001: 115 VAC · 50/60 Hz · 1 Phase
Power Requirement Model R-O10002: 230 VAC · 50/60 Hz · 1 Phase
Power Consumption: 180 Watts
Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.5 x 10.5 x 6.25 in. (318 x 267 x 159 mm)
Weight: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg)
G10 Dimensions
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NIST Direct Traceability & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory
National Institute of Standards & Technology
Reports of Analysis
Direct (Primary) Traceability
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-03-155
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-05-168
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-08-004
NIST Report of Analysis 839.03-09-142
NIST Report of Analysis 639.03-11-163
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Instrument Calibration Certificate 1424.01
Mechanical Testing Certificate 1424.02

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