CCSi Introduces David Mandrych, Field Service Engineer, CCSi, Inc.
David Mandrych, CCSi's Field Service Engineer. CCSi announces the addition of David Mandrych to their technical support and field service team. David brings over 30 years of valuable physical testing instrument and equipment field service, maintenance, repair and calibration to our customers.
David's past experience includes service with the Monsanto Instrument Division, Tech Pro Instruments, Alpha Technologies and the Richard Bagan Company. Based in Akron, Ohio, he is now close to his home in nearby Medina. David will be providing service to our Asian; Central & South American; Canadian; European, as well as our western and southern United States customers.
We are pleased to have David on-board knowing that he will bring a high level of quality, integrity and experience to our ever growing field service operations.
If you are interested in quality, experienced preventative maintenance, service, calibration and certification of your laboratory instruments, please call David at 1.800.742.8535 or email him at
CCSi Certified On-Site Calibration, Certification & Preventative Maintenance (CCPM)
A Typical PID Controller CCSi specializes in the ISO/IEC 17025 On-Site Calibration, Certification & Preventative Maintenance (CCPM) of many types instruments including:
  1. Moving Die Rheometers (MDR);
  2. Oscillating Die Rheometers (ODR);
  3. Mooney Viscometers;
  4. Tensile & Universal Testers;
  1. Laboratory Ovens, Ageing & Environmental Chambers;
  2. Fatigue & Fatigue to Failure Testers;
  3. Goodrich® Flexometers;
  4. Goodrich® Cut and Chip Testers;
  5. Ovens & Environmental Chambers;
  6. Rebound & Resilience Testers;
  7. Elevated & Subnormal Temperature Testers;
  8. Brittleness Point & Temperature Retraction Instruments;
  9. Rotating Cylinder (DIN & NBS) Abrasion Testers;
  10. Taber® (rotating platform) Abrasion Testers;;
  11. Adhesion Testers;
  12. DeMattia Flex Testers;
  13. Ross & Scott Type Flex Testers;
  14. Emerson & Par Marton Type /rubber Buffers;
  15. and More!
Typical On-Site Service & Calibration Includes:
  1. Pre-calibration Inspection;
  2. Pre-calibration Report;
  3. Disassembly (where applicable);
  4. Inspection;
  5. Parts Replacement (with customer approval);
  6. Reassembly;
  7. Adjustment to Manufacturer's Specifications;
  8. Calibration to Manufacturer's Specifications and Applicable Standards;
  9. Final Calibration Report;
  10. Certificate of Calibration to applicable Standards including NIST Traceability, conforming to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
Please e—mail CCSi or call 330.376.3600 to discuss your on-site calibration & service needs.
About On-Site Service; Calibration; Certification & Preventative Maintenance (CCPM)
CCSi calibrates tensile, compression and universal testers. CCSi, in addition to supporting their own instruments in the field, services, repairs, and calibrates a vast array of physical testing instruments.
The field service program is designed with the objective of performing Calibration, Certification and Preventative Maintenance, “CCPM”, at intervals that will reduce or eliminate costly unscheduled down—time; reduce overall maintenance cost; and improve the reliability, accuracy, and repeatability of the instruments on the program.
A detailed procedure is designed for each instrument and a schedule devised to suit individual instrument needs and customer requirements. The manufacturers' service recommendations, coupled with the many years of experience and a vast source of replacement parts, provides a comprehensive and reliable field service program.
The “CCPM” program is offered on a contract basis, individually tailored to suit the requirements of each customer. The cost of service is based on a flat per visit / per instrument basis. Lower costs on a per visit / per instrument can be obtained by contracting on a twice yearly basis. Even lower rates may be negotiated on multiple proximate locations and service contracts exceeding one year. These rates may be higher for international customers and for certain geographical areas in the U.S.
The CCPM: What It Means To You
In addition to quality service and maintenance at a reasonable and manageable cost, a single vendor provides "one—stop—shopping" for your service needs:
  1. Many instruments may be serviced in a single visit, eliminating scheduling dilemmas;
  2. Maintenance records are uniform and designed to meet the demanding needs of today's quality standards;
  3. Billing and authorization to a single source reduces gluttonous paperwork;
  4. Accountability of a single service provider reduces organizational nightmares;
  5. Single quality vendor concept is TQM and “Deming Approved”.
The CCPM: What It Means To Us
CCSi takes pride in the “CCPM” program, a satisfied and a growing customer base is testimony to our commitment and dedication to an “old world” quality work ethic and pride in workmanship.
CCSi is not an ordinary provider of service and products! Our team actively participates in the ASTM and regularly attends committee and subcommittee meetings that effect and determine the ASTM Standards and Methods.
CCSi is “Your Friend in the Field” ... please e—mail TechService CCSi or call  1.800.742.8535 to discuss your instrument service and calibration requirements.
ISO/IEC 17025 Certified Calibration Laboratory
“This laboratory is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This laboratory also meets the additional program requirements in the field of calibration. This accreditation also demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system (refer to joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué dated 8 January 2009).” American Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Accredited Calibration Laboratory
Calibration Certificate 1424.01
Mechanical Testing Certificate 1424.02
NIST Direct Traceability

National Institute of
Standards & Technology
Reports of Analysis

NIST Direct (Primary) Traceability
Report# 839.03-03-155
Report# 839.03-05-168
Report# 839.03-08-004
Report# 839.03-09-142
Report# 639.03-11-163
OREC™ Ozone Monitors, Model DM100, Serial Numbers 318, 748 & 757 are certified as first level calibration sources with primary traceability to NIST. Through the NIST Calibration Program, testing is performed, and reports prepared, by NIST at their laboratory in Gaithersburg, Maryland. These monitors are on an offset annual cycle, assuring that at least one monitor is NIST certified as a first level calibration source each year as part of our ongoing commitment to quality.
On a global scale, OREC™ is the singular manufacturer of ozone instruments to have this level of NIST traceability!

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